Learn to Skate / Learn to Play Hockey Registration Form

This Registration Agreement is used to sign up for the Manchester Flames Learn To Skate and Learn To Play Programs. We welcome the opportunity to introduce your children to the great sport of skating and hockey. These sports bring with them a thrill of speed and excitement, and it is our goal to develop your child with the skills they need to have the most fun they can have.

Registration Payment: Payments are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE. This means, for example, that a deposit will not be transferred between siblings. To receive the discount for both sessions, payment must be made in full prior to April 30th before the sessions begin. If payment is via check, a $40.00 fee for any returned check and shall fund the returned check within 7 business days of receiving notice from MRYHA/Flames. *
USA Hockey: The Player is responsible for registering with USA Hockey prior to going on the ice for the first practice pursuant to USA Hockey Rules and Regulations. Register at USA Hockey. Fee for USA hockey is established by USA Hockey and is not part of this registration. *
Video Release: Permission is hereby granted for my son/daughter to participate in photographed and videotaped Flames related activities. I understand that such photographs and videotapes productions are being used for marketing purposes and/or program related purposes only, and that as such, these photos and programs may be printed in local newspapers and/or shown on a local cable television station. I also understand that these photos and videos will not be duplicate or sold for profit.
Learn To Skate Equipment Policy: All Learn To Skate participants must wear skates, a helmet with face guard, neck guards and gloves/mittens. *
Learn To Play Hockey Equipment Policy: All Learn To Play Hockey participants must wear shin pads, hockey pants, cup, socks, chest pads, elbow pads, shirt, helmet with face guard, gloves, skates and neck guards. *
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