2021 Rural Health Award Nominations - Individual

Submissions open December 1
Submissions close February 22
A maximum of three nominations per candidate will be considered.
If more nominations for one individual are received,
only the first three received will be considered.
No additional letters of recommendation will be accepted.
Awards are selected solely on the narrative appearing in this form
and must be submitted online.
Nominees and/or Nominators must have a connection to NRHA through membership.
For full descriptions of Rural Health Awards visit:


NOTE: Either the person nominating or the nominee must be a member of NRHA.
Nominations that do not meet this requirement will be disqualified.
To verify membership status, contact Sharon Hutinett at shutinett@nrharural.org.
Are you (or is your organization) a member of NRHA? *
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Every submission must include a narrative, 200-500 words in length, about why the person being nominated should be considered for the selected award. This narrative is the sole instrument on which the nomination will be judged, and should be based on the criteria listed within each award category. Please include the significance of the work of the nominee to the community, populations or individuals served, and explain how rural people have benefited. Additional letters of recommendation will not be accepted to ensure equal consideration.
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For more information, contact ddouglas@NRHArural.org