2024 Health Equity Conference Call for Presentations

Health Equity Conference

May 6 & 7, 2024

New Orleans, LA

Concurrent Session Submission Deadline: December 7, 2023

Poster Submission Deadline: February 8, 2024

Submission and General Information:
1.  Incomplete submissions will not be reviewed.


2.  Please specify session format, track and topic.


3.  Presenters may not use any conference presentation to market products or services; display table is available for that purpose.


4. If accepted, presenters must register for the conference and pay the appropriate registration fee. As a small gesture of our appreciation for the labor in preparing your presentation, NRHA will offer a limited-time discount on your registration fee. If you register and pay in full by the early-bird deadline, you will receive a 50% discount on your registration fee. All registrations received after this deadline will be charged the full registration rate.

In addition, no honoraria or travel expense reimbursement will be provided for any presenter submitting through the "Call for Presentations"

5.  The standard audio/visual equipment provided by NHRA includes projectors and screens, and podium microphones. Speakers will bring their own computers for powerpoint presentations. TV/VCRs, phone lines, internet connections, or other equipment will NOT be provided. If needed, it will be the responsibility of the presenter(s) to make arrangements and provide payment for such equipment. Presenters must also bring a back-up copy of his/her presentation on a flash drive. 

6.  Sessions are 75 minutes in length.

7.  Presentations not submitted through this form will not be considered.

NRHA Submission Peer Review Process:

To bring quality presentations to NRHA conferences, the NRHA uses a peer review process to evaluate proposals to present at conferences. This process starts when a request for proposals is sent out to stakeholders, professional bodies, and institutions and individuals who have previously expressed interest in presenting at a NRHA conference. Presentation proposals received by the NRHA by a designated date are reviewed for conference appropriateness prior to being aggregated and sent out to members of the conference committee consisting of elected council members. The conference committee members individually review the proposal descriptions and scores them based on criteria established by the conference committee. These scores are then sent back to the NRHA for tabulation. Presentation proposal scores are then averaged with top rated presentations being accepted for the conference. Proposal rating criteria includes; but is not limited to, how the session relates to rural, clearly stated objectives, how it addresses Health Equity, how it addresses social determinants of health, and current relevance. 

When council members present presentations, scores they submit for their presentations are not included in the averaging process.

Conflicts of interest must be disclosed when submitting presentation proposals.

Please contact Ally Zimmerman via email at azimmerman@ruralhealth.us.

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Proposed Session Information

Session Format: (Only poster submissions accepted after December 7, 2023)*** *
Topic Selection: NRHA is looking for submissions that highlight best practices & research, educational models, innovative approaches, and social determinants of health in any of the topics listed below. *
What social determinant(s) of health would you be addressing in your presentation? (choose all that apply) *
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Primary Contact Information

The primary contact is not necessarily a speaker, but will be the person that NRHA coordinates with regarding speaking times and logistical information.
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Speaker Information

If the primary contact is also a speaker, there is no need to re-submit contact information. However, please make sure to include the brief speaker biography below.

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