2018-2019 JoCo Club Ice Contract

Kansas City FSC    SBFSC

Please refer to the full Ice Contract found on the KCFSC or SBFSC web sites for full details regarding KCFSC/SBFSC Club Ice.

Skater Information

Please indicate the sessions that Skater #1 is signing up for (do not sign up for both Friday sessions): *

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Please enter the total number of skaters (1 or 2) per session. Enter 0 for any sessions you do NOT want. Pricing shows the TOTAL amount owed for the season, regardless of the selected payment option. To calculate your initial payment, divide your total by 4 (for quarterly payments) or 10 (for monthly payments). * 

Billing Information

Legal Stuff

By selecting "All Parties Agree" below, that acts as the electronic signature for all parties in this contract.
All parties, skaters and parents, have read and agree to all rules and conditions detailed in the JoCo Club Ice Information Sheet and Contract.

Please note that the Clubs have contracted with the rink for the above ice times. Therefore, we are contracting ice to our members for the full time period stated for the entire skating season. Inability to receive lessons during your contracted sessions is NOT grounds for voiding this contract. Please check with your coach before contracting. The Clubs reserve the right to cancel, limit or reschedule ice sessions, as deemed necessary - including the right to convert any free style session to an open session or to cancel a session due to lack of contracts. Funds paid for sessions cancelled/converted will be credited to club ice contracted account and any balance will be refunded after the end of the contract period.

This agreement will be governed by the laws of Kansas. Any legal action taken due to disputes arising from this agreement shall be brought in the Johnson County, Kansas District Court.

I hereby release the Kansas City Figure Skating Club and Silver Blades Figure Skating Club, along with their officers and members, from any responsibility for injuries suffered during club ice. I agree to abide by the clubs’ regulations, ice rules, music procedures, and to pay ice fees in a timely fashion according to the contract terms and conditions.

I have reviewed and understand this agreement.