Student Information

The ITS Florida Anne Brewer Academic Scholarships are available to two groups:
 * full time undergraduate or Masters' student and
 * graduate (PhD) students
Students from any accredited Florida University or College are eligible.  Principal course work shall include a major in a field directly related to transportation, ITS systems, transportation engineering, or a related field subject to the approval of the Awards Committee. The scholarship amounts are up to $2,500 or up to $1,500 for a graduate (PhD) students and up to $2,000 for Bachelor or Master degrees.  (The number of scholarship awards and amounts may fluctuate depending on available funding and qualifying students.)
Personal Information:  (5 points**)

If Scholarship is awarded, a W9 will need to be completed.

Academic Records

Educational Background:  (5 points**)
Grade Point Average in Current Degree pursuit:  (5 points**)

Scoring chart


Minimum GPA of 3.0 and transcript required










3.51 – 3.99


3 – 3.5


**Failure to Submit GPA without Transcript will result in 0 Points.

Professional Affiliations: (5 points** for Participating in at least 1 Technical Student Group)

Industry Experience: (5 points**)

Recommendation: (5 points**)

ITS Project: (20 points**)

Document Quality: (10 Points) Scoring Chart: (up to a maximum of 2 points for each category below)
Organization (Table of Contents, Lay-out of document, etc.)
Use of Graphs and Charts
Spelling and Grammar
Technical Content

Submittal Instructions:

Complete this form with all attachments submitted no later than 5:00 PM Eastern Time September 13, 2019.
If scholarship is awarded, a W9 will need to be completed.
If you have questions, please contact ITS Florida at
*Indicates Required areas
** Point value shown is the maximum points available per category