The ITS Florida Anne Brewer Academic Scholarships are available to two groups:  one to a full time undergraduate or Masters' student and two to graduate (PhD) students (at the time of the Scholarship Awards). Students from any accredited Florida University or College are eligible.  Principal course work shall include a major in a field directly related to transportation, ITS systems, transportation engineering, or a related field subject to the approval of the Awards Committee. The scholarship amounts are one $2,500 and one $1,500 for a graduate (PhD) students and up to $2,000 for Bachelor or Master degrees.  The number of scholarship awards and amounts may fluctuate depending on available funding and qualifying students.

Student Information

Personal Information:  (5 points**)

If Scholarship is awarded, a W9 will need to be completed.

Academic Records

Educational Background:  (5 points**)
Grade Point Average in Current Degree pursuit:  (5 points**)

Scoring chart


Minimum GPA of 3.0 and transcript required










3.51 – 3.99


3 – 3.5


**Failure to Submit GPA without Transcript will result in 0 Points.

Professional Affiliations: (5 points** for Participating in at least 1 Technical Student Group)

Industry Experience: (5 points**)

Recommendation: (5 points**)

ITS Project: (20 points**)

Document Quality: (10 Points) Scoring Chart: (up to a maximum of 2 points for each category below)
Organization (Table of Contents, Lay-out of document, etc.)
Use of Graphs and Charts
Spelling and Grammar
Technical Content

Submittal Instructions:

Complete this form with all attachments submitted no later than 5:00 PM Eastern Time September 7, 2018.
If scholarship is awarded, a W9 will need to be completed.
If you have questions, please contact ITS Florida at
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** Point value shown is the maximum points available per category