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Property Hazard Information

Occupants with Mobility Issues * 🛈
Address is Clearly Visible From Street
Owner wants the PVVFD to install a sign?
PVVFD installed a sign?

Smoke Alarm

Current Smoke Alarm Data

Current SA's meet current code 🛈

Test Info From Current SA's

Work You Completed

Referral Program

Referral Program

Fire Sprinkler Information

This home has a fire sprinkler system 🛈
Fire Sprinkler Data
Refused Inspection
Occupant familiar with FS
FS information was given to occupant
FS system turned off
Did the occupant know it was turned off
Occupant wants the system to remain off
Inspection tag present
Inspector test valve flowed
Alarm functions are normal
Insulation checked
Repair Needed
Follow up needed

other sprinkler information