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May we contact for reference?

May we contact for reference?

May we contact for reference?

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The Pleasant View Volunteer Fire Department is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability or veteran status in employment opportunities and benefits.
The employment application is but one part of the hiring process, which may include an interview, and employment examination or test and a demonstration of an ability to perform the essential functions of the job. If you need an accommodation in order to complete any part of the hiring and employment process, please contact the PVFD Administration.
I certify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, all of the information and statements provided by me in and with this application are true, correct, complete, and provided in good faith.
It is understood and agreed upon that any misrepresentation by me in this application will be sufficient cause for cancellation of this application and/or separation from the employer’s service if I have been employed.
I give the PVFD the right to investigate all references and to secure additional information about me. I consent to the release of information to the PVFD about my ability and fitness for employment by employers, schools, law enforcement agencies and other individuals and organizations. I hereby release from liability the PVFD and its representatives for seeking such information and all other persons, corporations or organizations for furnishing such information.
I understand that just as I am free to resign at any time, the PVFD reserves the right to terminate my employment pursuant to the Department’s Personnel Rules and Regulations. I understand that no representative of the PVFD has the authority to make any assurances to the contrary.
Furthermore, I also authorize an investigation of my driving record and criminal offense record as required for active membership in the Pleasant View Volunteer Fire Department. The Pleasant View Volunteer Fire Department is a drug-free/tobacco-free employer and I am subject to mandatory and random drug testing. I understand that I am a pro-bono or volunteer employee, subjected to a probationary period and that all of the preceding statement on this application are true to the best of my knowledge. Furthermore, I understand that any falsification on this application will result in immediate termination of membership from the Pleasant View Volunteer Fire Department.
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