Online Letter Campaign
In Support of 
Fire Sprinkler Incentive Act
Let your Senators and Representatives know that you SUPPORT the Fire Sprinkler Incentive Act. Your support is key, as we hope to move this important life safety legislation forward. It's time for there to be an economic incentive for business owners to install fire sprinklers, and we are hopeful that our efforts will encourage Congress to pass this legislation. Your online signature will be added to a letter of support that will be forwarded to your respective Senators and Representatives. THANK YOU for taking the time to get involved and being a voice for our nation's fire service and survivors on this very important issue to life safety! Lives will be saved as a result of your decision to voice your opinion as a leader who understands the importance of life safety issues. The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation appreciates your efforts!

Please complete the following information to place your name on a letter of support. The names gathered will be shared with key leaders within the Senate and House. We will not share your contact information with others, the contact information is requested to let our team reach out to you if opportunities arise with for face to face meetings with your Senator and/or Representatives.

Thank you for your participation in our electronic outreach. It is our hope that this will allow us to mobilize prior to the Congressional Fire Services Institute Annual Dinner on May 9, 2013, letting congressional leaders know of the support of their efforts to move this bill forward. Timing is everything, and we believe that early outreach is key in our ability to reach success. THANK YOU again for your willingness to serve as an ambassador for life safety.

National Fallen Firefighters Foundation



NOTE:  Your information will NOT be shared with any groups or organizations. The only reason we need your email and phone number is in case we need to set up a face to face meeting or need you to call your Senator or Representative. Thank you in advance for your willingness to be involved and support this legislation that can save lives. Working together, we gain momentum.