T3 Alliance Oct 16&17 NAEOP Pre-Conf Registration

T3 Alliance  NAEOP Pre-Conference Training
October 16&17, 2021 - In Person or Virtually
9:00 am - 4:00 pm daily 
Bellevue, WA
Be part of a hands-on STEM workshop that helps you better engage your staff and students.  Using the T3 philosophy of Growth Mindset, technologies and community engagement, participants will walk through the steps for success with alliance cohorts who have made this possible in their own TRIO programs.  You will have a choice of 3 strands: #1 = new to T3 (onboarding); #2 = MakerSpace; #3 Project-based Learning.

STRAND #1: RPI Onboarding Description

Build your own computer, using a Raspberry Pi! You will integrate the core T3 Alliance principles of Growth Mindset and Design thinking with your Raspberry Pi Starter Kit. Once built, you will program the Pi using Node Red with sensors!

- Growth Mindset
- Assemble computer 
- Node Red & Programming

Presenters: Simon Shanks, Sam Bourgeois and Dodi Pritchett

Materials:  You need to have a RPI computer kit prior to beginning.  We will walk you through opening the box and building the computer together.  You can order through T3 Alliance ($375) or directly from Easybotics.com.  ($399).


STRAND #2: MakerSpace

You will learn the ins-and-outs of using a laser cutter safely, making cool projects, art and other tools. Learn how to navigate in Adobe or OnShape software for making designs and your programming artwork.

Presenters: Domenic Giunta and Jesse James


Materials:  This strand is for anyone with a MakerSpace already installed; as a refresher of ideas and ways to get the most out of your equipment; OR for those without the equipment who would like to see what is possible.


STRAND #3: Project-Based Learning

Project Based Learning Workshop.  Saturday, October 15th, 9:00am - 4:00pm

You will learn about how to “Building a Project Based Learning Program ” within the T3 Alliance philosophy.  T3 Trainers will share experiences which highlight the ways that a robust project-based learning environment can bolster a program’s culture and provide a real-world context for rigorous content knowledge.

Workshop participants will be guided through planning their own project-based experience, while considering four main components of our project-based learning model:

  1. their program’s culture,
  2. their content knowledge goals,
  3. a real-world context, and
  4. logistical details that allow their plans to become a reality.

This interactive workshop will allow participants to bounce ideas off of each other and provide time for peer feedback. Participants will be able to take their completed planning document back to their programs to continue the planning process with their colleagues.

This session also achieves a second purpose: a brainstorming session for creating more applications for T3 curricular materials. Participants with more advanced implementation of the T3 materials will be guided to plan advanced and new implementations of project curriculum.

Presenter: Jasmine Johnson


REGISTRATION DEADLINE: October 14, 2021 Cost = $500 per participant (Full conference in person)... or $100 per participant for virtual conference)

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All participants are welcome to stay at the conference hotel:
Bellevue Hilton / 300 112th Avenue SE / Bellevue, WA 98004 / 425-455-1300 
T3 Alliance has a group of rooms reserved under "NAEOP"  for $159/nite + tax.
If you have any questions, please contact info@t3alliance.org
Thanks for being part of the T3 Alliance