RAVE Emergency Notification Preference Form

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Southwestern Michigan College utilizes the Rave Mobile Security system to inform students and employees about school closings, weather alerts and other important information.

While the college will alert all of its community members via email in an emergency, if you would like to receive emergency messaging by text and phone call you can sign up using this form. You can also use this form to make any needed changes to any of the phone numbers the college currently has on file (click here to see what that information is) by simply including your corrected information below.

If you are a student or employee of Southwestern Michigan College and would like to confirm what contact information is currently "on file" for you, click here to visit the Personal Information area of SMC Self Service. If you need changes to any of the phone numbers on file, simply include your corrected information below.

SMC does not charge for this service, however, your mobile phone company may charge for text messages.  Please refer to your mobile phone's service plan for more information. 

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Primary Role is a Key Field. The choice you select for this field will determine which fields will be presented for completion below so please make your selection here first before you fill out any of the fields below.
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To learn more about RAVE Terms of Use, Privacy Policy after you have signed up, please go to the following links: 
To opt out at any time simply texting STOP to 226787 or 67283 or 78015 or 77295 from your registered mobile phone. You will no longer receive text messages from Rave if you utilize this service. Text INFO or HELP to 226787 or 67283 or 78015 or 77295 from your registered mobile phone and you will be sent a text message with simple instructions.