Start Setting Goals and Build Action Plans that are Attainable, Realistic, and Straight-forward



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Phase #1 (Arena-of-life Survey)

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Complimentary Consultation


Phase #2 - $197

Plus ... You get 1 (one) / 30-min
Scheduled Consultation
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Phase #3 - $197

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Scheduled Consultation
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Phase #4 - $197

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Scheduled Consultation
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For optimum results complete each phase in step-by-step

(one-after-the-other) order of sequence.

* NOTE: Except for Phase #1 (Arena-of-Life Survey - FREE) ... You'll be Creating a NEW USER Login and Password for PhaseS # 2, 3 and 4 (after payment).

Phase #1

Take The ARENA-OF-LIFE Survey  

It's a FREE Practical Self-Evaluation Tool that will:

  • Highlight your most prominent current priorities
  • Reveal areas of your life that need more attention 
  • Set the tone for resolving crucial matters or concern 
  • Encourage you to reflect on your current reality ... while visualizing your desired reality
  • Serve as a SELF-DETECTION tool for sources of stress or dissatisfaction
  • Help you set and prioritize which areas of your life you'd like to establish your goals around immediately
  • Unveil your exact level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction in every major area of your arena-of-life
  • Lay the groundwork for setting up the structure for a decisive goal and an action plan ... based on which life-area you prioritize working on in Phase #2.
Plus ... You get a 30-min No Obligation
Scheduled Consultation
... Absolutely FREE!
During our Consult ... I'll Personally Review Your Results with you.  
This will make it easier for you to focus your attention on specific life-areas
that require top priority.

Phase #2

Focus Your Attention ONLY on the Life-area(s) You Want to Prioritize


This Phase involves a 7-step-by-step user-friendly template best suited for prioritizing and launching any new goal, vision, purpose, or serious matter of concern.


With Guided Precision, You'll be Able to

  • Set up the building blocks of your agenda in a structured, organized format ... based on the distinct, and crucial revelations you were able to pinpoint from your Arena-of-Life Survey (in Phase #1)
  • Formulate a preliminary draft, which outlines the basic foundation for you to Establish a Realistic Goal, and an Attainable Action-Plan (later on, in Phase #3).
Plus ... You get ONE / 30-min
Scheduled Consultation
... Absolutely FREE!

You Also Get a FREE Motivational Bonus Mp3 ... "I'M READY FOR SUCCESS"

* Feel free to download the Mp3 and listen to it any time of the day or night ... and, especially when working on your mission. Become Instantly Inspired and Motivated as You Personalize Your Goal and Action Plan Strategy ... ONE PHASE AT A TIME!

Phase #3

This Phase is Pro-active and Transformational ... and uses 5 Steps that enable you to:


  • Personalize and create the building blocks for a cogent, practical, realistic, and achievable action-plan, for the goal you stipulated in your draft (from Phase #2)
  • Fine-tune your focus and efforts on the EXACT outcome you project for yourself
  • Identify and modify habits that could cloud or handicap your mission
  • Set a Specific Time-line for the outcome of your goal that is not only Results-driven, but Realistically Attainable.
Plus ... You get ONE / 30-min
Scheduled Consultation
... Absolutely FREE!

Phase #4

In this Phase ... You'll Perform a User-friendly Personal Assessment / Evaluation (RUBRIC) to Ensure You've Met All Criteria in ALL of the Steps (in Each of the 4 Phases).  

This Crucial Phase Assures Your Personalized Goal and Action Plan Arrive on Schedule!

Plus ... You get TWO / 30-min
Scheduled Consultations
... Absolutely FREE! 
Take the 
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