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For optimum results complete each phase in step-by-step

(one-after-the-other) order of sequence.


You'll Never Be Successful Without Them!


1.     Establish and Reinforce Positive Thought Patterns for Success Through Affirmations --- It took you 20 – 30 years to create your current life situation, and the only way to assert a prosperity-conscious mindset for abundance, prosperity and success, is to reprogram your way of thinking.  Discover the fastest way to create new thought patterns that will replace deeply embedded, self-sabotaging lifelong beliefs and habits


2.     Improve the Effectiveness of Your Mind  --- Your mind is the most powerful defensive arm in the battle of earthly existence --- Discover how to use it effectively so that you determine to a great extent how your future life will be shaped in the direction of health, happiness, prosperity and abundance


3.       Understand the Power of Breath --- Breathing may be considered the most important of all of the functions of the body, for, indeed, all the other functions depend upon it.  Discover how intelligent control of your breathing power benefits all areas of your life – health, wealth, success, peace, balance, and harmony


4.       Meditate Effectively in the Silence --- Meditation in the silence is one assured way to remove clutter from your mind, and get you to acutely focus on your objective, goal, or purpose.  You’ll be introduced to a simple, yet effective technique that will get you jumpstarted almost immediately


5.     Build a Prosperity-Conscious Mindset --- To truly live abundantly, you must live with the thought of ( --------- ) constantly.  Find out what it is, and learn how to launch into a purpose-driven goal that is congenial to attract the destiny, fame, or fortune, that you deserve


6.     Enhance the Powers of Your Imagination --- The imagination is one of the most powerful aids to achieving abundance and prosperity --- Discover how to effectively invoke its powers to rise above the limited circumstances of your life


7.     Avoid Misery or Unfulfillment --- Shatter the mold of past failures that cause you distress and hopelessness.  Discover the 6 primary emotions you must control if you are to have long-lasting success and peace of mind 


8.     Understand the Urges that Truly Motivate You to Take Decisive Action --- There are 6 basic urges that act as master motives in compelling man to seek his destiny.  Get to discover what they are, and learn how to use them intelligently towards your own personal goals


9.     Build Your Social Life, and Establish Positive, Long-lasting Friendships and Association with Others --- Understand how to seamlessly harness the law of social urge to develop a more attractive personality to win more friends, and increase social acceptance


10.   Build Health, Energy, and Vitality for Life --- Learn how to imprint your conscious mind with the dynamic purpose of good eating habits and proper exercise . . .  so that you feel, look, and act vibrant and youthful


11.   Build a Forceful and Magnetic Personality --- Get to know the 3 kinds of magnetism so that you attract to yourself increased popularity, friendships, success, and abundance . . . you’ll never be successful without understanding the rules governing them


12.   Make More Money --- Did you know that money is actually the expression of an idea? --- You’ll get to understand the essential channels through which money is energized . . .  then learn how to harness it so that you perpetually increase your financial security in spite of tough economic times


13.   Attain Increased Intellectual Power --- This is one of the 7 basic requirements every person should have in their life.  Find out how to increase the intellectual powers of your mind through absorbing both knowledge and wisdom from the greatest minds of all ages . . . such as upheld in my 21-Day “Know Thyself … Pathway to Self Realization” eCourse


14.   Acquire Increased Spiritual Power --- Spiritual power is as real and essential as mental power or physical power.  Discover how to tap this hidden wellspring within you to give you inner strength, power, peace, and poise


15.   16.   17.   18.   19.   20.   21.    Harness the 7 Dynamic Laws of Demonstration --- To demonstrate, means to bring something from the invisible, to the visible realm.  Learn the methods by which you can demonstrate, or bring into existence in your life, the material things, friends, love-happiness, and other things that you consider of value, and which you desire.