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AUTO-PAYMENTS -  Sept. 1, Oct. 15, Dec. 1,  Jan. 15, March 1, and April 15 cover the entire nine month program (September 5th thru May 31st) Your credit card on file will be charged the fees.

• Your credit card WILL BE CHARGED for the Sept. 1st tuition payment and registration fee upon receiving your registration to secure your spot in the class

• Classes begin Tuesday, September 5th

Visa, MC, Discover -Credit/Debit accepted. All other forms of payments due Bi Annual: Sept. 1 and Jan. 15.

• A non-refundable $50.00 reg. fee and $25.00 per additional family member fee is due along with the session tuition when registering. (Waived if registering in Adult or Summer Classes.) Your credit card on file will be charged the fees.

Tuition is based on the total hours per week. For the hourly tuition rates please refer to the tuition table page.

Discounted classes include:

BOYS - 50% OFF (Does not apply to boys under 5 yrs old.)

 Accounts past due are notified and students may not attend until accounts are paid.

WITHDRAWAL FROM A CLASS OR M.P.A. – Notice of withdrawal from a class or withdrawing completely, must be in writing and given to a secretary at the front desk. You will receive a withdrawal notice at that time, and a confirmation via e-mail will also be sent. This ensures tuition charges are posted correctly on accounts.


(Please advise front desk of any changes in contact information)

By registering, students agree to the release of their images/likenesses as they relate to Dance Inc./MPA. These will be used solely by Dance Inc./MPA for the promotion and marketing of dance programs and will not be sold.

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions and authorize Dance Inc. to charge my credit card for tuition and fees, as they come due. *