The "Save & Return" feature allows users to create accounts that are associated with their form results.  A user can use their account to save a partial result and return later to finish, or to view past results.
 If you are a "New User" enter a unique user ID and password under the "New User" section of this page.  Confirm the password and enter a valid email address (if you forget your password in the future it can be restored using this email address in the "Forgot Password?" section).
 If you are a "Returning User" , please use the "Returning User" section to enter the user ID and password you perviously established.

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To save inputted data and complete the form at a later date, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the box labeled "SAVE PARTIAL WORK"  then exit out of the form.  Your data will only be saved when you click this box.