2022 Annual Meeting
February 25-March 1
New York City, NY.

SUGGESTED DEADLINE: December 15, 2021
  • Any food and beverage provided to attendees will be associated with a fee. Prices will be relayed to organizers as we price your workshop.
  • Please indicate if attendees are required to bring special equipment such as laptops.
  • The AAG will not reimburse for travel expenses related to meeting attendance, nor the meeting registration fee. Travel and per diem for workshop organizers are not allowable expenses. AAG will only reimburse for expenses directly related to the workshop.
  • Organizers are responsible for providing registrants with all materials needed for the workshop (including producing and shipping handouts).
  • Reimbursement requests must be made in writing to the AAG office and received no later than 30 days after the workshop is completed. Original receipts for all expenditures are required for reimbursement.
  • AAG is unable to reimburse for expenses not submitted in advance on the budget worksheet.
  • The AAG office will coordinate workshop registration and fee collection. Names and addresses of workshop registrants will be available one month before the conference. Please note that if your workshop is not filled at that time, on-site registrants may be added.
  • All contracts must be signed by the AAG.
  • Internet is not complimentary in workshop rooms, and is ususally prohibitively expensive. If internet is necessary, it is recommended that you order one connection for an instructor demonstration rather than ordering internet for each attendee. If internet for each attendee is absolutely necessary, please indicate the number of connections in the Per-Person Costs section and AAG will obtain a quote for you.
  • Please keep in mind that cost-effective workshops tend to have better attendance than costly workshops. It is recommended that you plan as affordably as possible.
  • Please keep in mind that should you select the option to "invoice organizer for the workshop" we will invoice you for all FIXED and PER PERSON Costs indicated on the form.

NOTE: In keeping with the AAG's effort to promote the fair and equal treatment of members, field trips organized by AAG members or specialty groups at the Annual Meeting will, as a rule, be open to all members. In instances where a member or specialty group wishes to organize a field trip that explicitly excludes any group of AAG members, the organizer will petition the AAG Council for an exception to this policy by the date when field trip proposals are due. If Council grants the exception, notice will be given in the AAG Newsletter, along with an explanation of the reason for the exception. Please keep this rule of open access in mind as you organize your workshop.


Indicate the amount of time needed for the workshop and the preferred hours. 
Actual time and location of the workshop will be determined by space, time, and equipment needs. 
For full-day workshops, factor in one hour for lunch.
Time of Workshop (for FRIDAY) *
Time of Workshop (for SATURDAY, SUNDAY AND MONDAY) *
Time of Workshop (for TUESDAY) *

NOTE: The AAG reserves the right to cancel a workshop if the workshop would result in a substantial financial loss to the AAG.
Contact Cendy Chou @ 703-964-1240, ext. 120