Replacement Card - $30 Administration Fee Required

Please attach a Photo for your Membership Card (Optional)

You must provide two recent identical colour photographs of yourself. With a maximum file size of 256KB.
Warning: Unacceptable photos will delay the processing of your application.
If you do not attach a new picture we will use what is already on our system. Attachment must be a recent colour photograph of your face with a maximum file size of 2MB. Any photo that can be taken automatically by an inbuilt laptop/phone camera or a web camera will be accepted. Your photo must be a clear, unmodified photo of your face. 

Please complete Payment Details for the $30 (GST Inclusive) Administration Fee

All payments will be taken by Centrality PTY LTD Reservoir (ACN: 114163585)
Please note that all 247XERCISE payments will be processed by 247Xercise PTY LTD (ACN: 143 422 486), which will be shown on your credit card statement.

Please click on the submit button at the bottom of the screen. Your application will be processed when you submit this form and a receipt and membership card will be sent to your mailing address.

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