Puppy Questionnaire
Our policy:  ALL pet/companion pups MUST be spayed/neutered at the
recommended timeframe of Bolerame (Reg'd) Boxers & Boston Terriers.  
Purchaser agrees that if, in the future, he/she/they cannot keep the purchased dog, that it (and it's papers, if applicable) be returned to the breeder with NO compensation.  Under no circumstances is the purchased pup allowed to be sold, given away,  or placed in a shelter.  It MUST return to the breeder. 
What are you looking for in a Boxer, Boston or a Borzoi? 🛈

 Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire.
It shows that you are serious about purchasing a puppy from Bolerame *Reg'd*.

Please be aware that we may ask more questions by email or phone.  Our main concern is that our puppies go to responsible FOREVER homes with owners who will give them the very best love and care.

Lena of Bolerame *Reg'd* Boxers, Bostons & Borzoi

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By clicking on "submit" you are agreeing to abide
by our policies in the event that you are invited to
purchase one of our pups.