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Please review our 2023 Wreaths Policies and Procedures before registering.

IMPORTANT Please Note: By filling out this form you acknowledge that you are the donor of the below item or have permission to donate on behalf of an organization.

Red Important Icon  Wreaths must have a minimum retail value of $150

Any questions Jubilee Representatives have about an item being donated will be directed to the Lead Designer whose name appears on this registration form.

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e.g. Decorating an item for a company project or registering an item for a school organization. Please do not list families as an organization (e.g, Smith and Jones Family).

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Describe your Wreath including color scheme, inspiration, mood or setting, include anything that will help us visualize your Wreath. 
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Decorated By - Tree Signage
Used for Auction Website and Public Facing Event. We want to recognize you and your design team accurately. Include all First Last Names and Organization, if applicable, that you would like displayed on your Wreath Signage. Include correct spelling. 

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