Large Vehicle Eligibility Calculator

Do you have a cargo van, people mover or something bigger? Before signing up to Amazon Flex, use this calculator to confirm which block opportunity your vehicle qualifies for.

There are two types of block opportunities available for eligible large vehicles delivering with Amazon Flex.

  1. Large Passenger Vehicle blocks are approximately 6.5 hours long, including a 30-minute unpaid break.
  2. Cargo Van blocks are approximately 8 hours long, including a 30-minute unpaid break.

If you arrive at the delivery station to begin delivering in a vehicle that is ineligible for that block length, you will be turned away and will not be paid for the block.

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This calculator will be updated from time to time, and vehicle eligibility may change. If a change is made to vehicle eligibility that impacts you, you will be notified through the newsfeed in the Amazon Flex app when these updates occur.