Complimentary Professional Staff Membership
AACP is now offering a two-year complimentary membership to individuals who have started their first staff position at a college/school of pharmacy. 

To be eligible for this membership benefit: 

  • This must be the professional staff’s first appointment at an AACP member institution; and
  • The individual must be a full-time staff member in, or assigned to, the College/School of Pharmacy.
Please complete the following information below, including the name, email, title, and employment start date for up to five new professional staff members. AACP is unable to provide this complimentary membership retroactively to professional staff that began their tenure prior to 2018.
If you need to submit more than five, then please complete a second submission. After the submission is sent and reviewed by AACP, we will contact the professional staff member shortly thereafter to begin their complimentary membership. Please contact AACP member services if you need assistance or have any questions:
Thank You! 

Submitter Information

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