Black Pride RVA

Sponsorship Form 2023
Black Pride RVA 2023
July 14 - 16, 2023
** If you have any questions, please contact Executive Director: Luise "Cheezi" Farmer: or call 804.629.8394
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A complimentary vendor table & 2 chairs will be provided at the Day of Purpose. Will you be requesting the complimentary vendor table? *

I, the person named above, is an officer or an agent of the business or organization named above. By sigining my name below I accept full responsibility for the involvement of the referenced group, organization or individual at the UGRC / Black Pride RVA event. I agree to hold blameless UGRC / Black Pride RVA it successors and assigns and all persons acting under its authority for any civil and or criminal liability under the Law and Regulations of the State of Virginia and these United States which may result from the operation of the UGRC / Black Pride RVA event or any attendant activity. I have read the guidelines and agree to all conditions without further contact or notice.
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