Residential Application for Service

Within the City of Wray
Plains Communication Services, LLC
29360 US Highway 34, Wray, Colorado 80758
(voice) 970-592-2211 (fax) 970-592-2212
(email) (website)

Will you be moving an existing telephone number to Plains?

It's important that you don't disconnect any existing service until you have spoken with us. We’ll walk you through the process. If you want to keep your existing number to transfer (port) it to Plains for service, the number must be active. A disconnected number is not available for porting to Plains and will be lost. *
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Everything that I have stated in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge. I authorize Plains Cooperative Telephone Association, Inc. to check my credit history with Online Utility Exchange and to answer future questions about its credit experience with me. (The amount of the deposit which may be required of an applicant for the purpose of establishing credit is $235.00). Note: All personal information Plains Cooperative Telephone Assn. accumulates pertaining to your account is available to you, the applicant, at any time.
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Broadband Options and Charges

Non-Recurring Charges
Broadband Speeds, Rates, and Related Monthly Charges
Recurring Monthly Cost *
* The router repair and replacement coverage will be void if we discover that the lease router has been altered by the customer and the customer will be billed for the retail price of the lease router.
In signing below, I acknowledge that I am aware of the non-recurring charges and that they will be billed to my account if the contract is not fulfilled as stated above.
I understand that my wireless network will be secured with a password at the time of set up and that I am responsible for any illegal activity that is traced back to my IP address.
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Optional Features (for phone service)

Phone Features/Monthly Recurring Charges
Directory Listing - Complete this section if you'll be using our phone service.
Plains Long Distance is available at .11 cents per minute, any time to any number in the 48 contiguous states, with no additional charges.

Customer Proprietary Network Information Notice of Changes

The FCC has implemented new rules that further strengthen the protection of your Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI). This effort by the Commission is in response to the practice of “pretexting” and provides additional privacy safeguards that will limit pretexters’ ability to obtain unauthorized access to your CPNI. “Pretexting” is the practice of pretending to be a particular customer or other authorized person in order to obtain access to that customer’s call detail or other private communication records. Several changes will be implemented that will affect the way Plains Communication Services and Plains Cooperative Telephone Association, Inc. (Plains) will conduct business with you in the future. Specifically, we are required to implement passwords for any customer initiated calls requesting call detail, be able to authenticate who you are as well as any additional authorized contacts you add to your account, and we are to notify you, as well as law enforcement should there be any unauthorized changes to your password, address, or account information. The new rules require that you provide a password before Plains can release certain information about your account. To establish a password, please fill out the information below, or contact a customer service representative at 970-592-2211 or 970-358-4211. Plains, in compliance with the FCC rules, will utilize new authentication methods to ensure that we are dealing with the authorized contact. Capital credits checks and allocations are written or sent to the person(s) whose name(s) is on the membership. Please be aware that simply by adding a person(s) name to your account does not entitle that person to any membership privileges or allow the contact any portion of capital credit funds. To add a name(s) to your current membership you will need to contact our office personally and indicate the person(s) name you wish to add. In order for Plains Telephone to discuss any details about your account with another party, such as your spouse, sibling, or other, they must be authorized by you and added to your account. If you would like to add another authorized contact to your account, such as a spouse or child, please fill out the information below or contact a customer service representative at the telephone number listed above. These rule changes are meant to protect you and your valuable customer proprietary information and to safeguard your privacy.
Would you like to add any additional authorized contacts to your account? *
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