Business Application for Service

Within the City of Wray
Plains Communication Services, LLC
29360 US Highway 34, Wray, Colorado 80758
(voice) 970-592-2211 (fax) 970-592-2212
(email) (website)

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Everything that I have stated in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge. I authorize Plains Communication Services, L.L.C., to check my credit history through Online Utility Exchange and to answer future questions about its credit experience with me. (The amount of the deposit which may be required of an applicant for the purpose of establishing credit shall be $235.00). Note: All personal information Plains Communication Services, L.L.C. accumulates pertaining to your account is available to you, the applicant, at any time.
Plains Communication Services, LLC, service is for a minimum of 24 months following installation (i.e. the commitment period). If service is disconnected before the commitment period is complete, a $200 service charge will apply.
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