2014 Innovative Activities Grant Application

The ACS Innovative Activities Grants (IAG) program helps to support new ACS student chapter projects related to chemistry. Grants up to $500 are awarded to support the initial implementation of an ACS student member project. This project must be new to the chapter to warrant funding. Projects which represent continuations or minor modifications of previous activities will not be funded.
Proposal Requirements:
Eligible ACS student chapters must submit a proposal packet that includes the following:
- Completed IAG budget sheet–typed or neatly printed. Please use as your cover sheet.
- Proposal–Your proposal should not exceed 4 pages in length.
- Project rationale
- Description of target audience
- Description of project
- Description of partnerships
- Description of staff, including their qualifications
- Description of safety considerations
- Description of evaluation methods
- Budget analysis (including source and amount of matching funds)
IAG Budget Sheet
Deadline: April 18, 2014
Student Director(s) Information
Faculty Advisor Information
Budget and Expenditures
Publication expenses
Please attach a proposal, which should include:

 Project rationale
 Description of target audience
 Description of project
 Description of partnerships
 Description of staff, including their qualifications
 Description of safety considerations
 Description of evaluation methods
 Budget analysis
Your proposal should not exceed 4 pages in length

ACS Student Chapter Eligibility
To be considered for a grant, the applying chapter must:
- be in active status with the ACS Undergraduate Programs Office when submitting the proposal;
- have at least six nationally paid ACS student members; and
- have submitted all financial reports for any chapter grants that were received during the 2011-12 academic year, if applicable.
Specific Criteria and Proposal Format Information
Project rationale. In what way is the project new to the chapter or the community?
Target audience. Who is your target audience? Provide as much information (statistics, etc.) as possible.
Project description. What exactly will happen during the course of this project? Who will be involved, what will they do, and how often? What is the time frame of the project? Who and how many will be served? What materials and facilities will be required? What science topics will be addressed, and how? Please provide details about the topics, chemistry activities, or experiments.
Matching Funds. What arrangements have been made to secure additional financial support this project? A letter of support is required. Be sure to obtain accurate estimates for proposed expenses and request no more than 50% of the total budget from the ACS on this grant proposal. Clearly indicate the source(s) of your matching funds.  Please note that proposals without matching funds will not be considered.
Safety considerations. How will the project participants ensure that appropriate safety precautions are taken with the participants?

Participant qualifications. Do the student project directors or supervisors have experience in administering activities comparable to those outlined in the proposal?
Proposals should not request funds for food service. However, if food service is essential to your project, the ACS Society Committee on Education may make an exception. In this circumstance, no more than half of your request should be itemized for food expenditures.
Format and Deadline
The following should be addressed in the proposal. The body of the proposal should be no longer than 4 pages (excluding supporting documentation and cover sheet). Please attach the IAG cover sheet to the front of the proposal.
Project Deadlines
Proposals must include a tentative schedule with a completion date not later than June 1, 2014. Project leaders must submit a brief (1–2 pages) interim report no later than January 14, 2015. The final report, due June 14, 2015, should include a detailed project description, with sample activities, photographs, evaluation of results, and a final budget summary. If your project is not completed by the final report date, grant money must be refunded and a new grant proposal must be submitted.

All projects, reports, photographs, CD’s and DVD’s will become the property of ACS and will own all rights. Grant recipients are expected to assist ACS with reasonable promotional and dissemination activities pertaining to the project.
Innovative Activities Grant (IAG) Project Ideas!!!

Professional Development/Team Building/Chapter Mentoring Activities For chapters who propose to sponsor retreats/joint ventures with new and recently reactivated 2-year and minority-serving institutions to help chapters create and sustain viable programs and services. Ideal chapters applying for this grant will be healthy chapters with a history of successful membership recruitment and retention as well as a sustained history of sponsoring community/department service, NCW, social events as well as attending scientific meetings.
New ACS Student Chapter Mentor Program
To help fledgling chapters to obtain and maintain additional ACS student members in order to achieve the required number of national paid ACS student members needed for active chapter status. The Undergraduate Programs Office will provide one ACS student chapter package to a 2-year or minority serving institution with six paid student memberships seeking to establish or reactivate an ACS student chapter.
Student Transfer Programs
Proposed projects to assist 2-year college students with the transfer process to 4-year institutions, and in turn afford 4-year students the opportunity to interact with transfer students before reaching campus will be considered. Ideal projects would include ACS student chapters at 4-year institutions hosting receptions or departmental open houses for potential transfer students. Conversely, chapters at 2-year colleges would be encouraged to sponsor similar activities. Other possible ideas might include individual student mentoring programs, shadowing/buddy days, and/or holding joint ACS student chapter business meetings and events.
* Indicates Response Required