2015 New Activities Grant Application

The ACS New Activities Grants (NAG) program helps to support new ACS student chapter projects related to chemistry. Grants up to $500 are awarded to support the initial implementation of an ACS student member project. This project must be new to the chapter to warrant funding. Projects which represent continuations or minor modifications of previous activities will not be funded.
New Activities Grant Application Sheet
Deadline: May 1, 2015
Proposal Overview
Please attach a proposal (.doc, .docx, or .pdf), which includes:

 -Project Rationale
 -Description of Target Audience
 -Description of Project, Partnerships, Staff, and Number of Chapter Members Participating
 -Safety Considerations
 -Description of Evaluation Methods
 -Budget analysis (including source of matching funds)
**Proposals without matching funds will not be accepted.
**Proposals should not exceed 4 pages in length.

Budget and Expenditures

Did your chapter receive NAG funds during the previous academic year? *
Student Director(s) Information
Faculty Advisor Information