2015/2016 ACS Student Inter-Chapter Relations (ICR) Grant

Please use this form to apply for the Inter-Chapter Relations Grant. If you have questions during the application process, please contact the ACS Undergraduate Programs Office by email at Undergrad@acs.org.

Before you begin the application please be sure to note the following:

  • Must include the names of all of the student chapters and universities participating in the event, their president(s) and faculty advisor’s contact information, and the chapter status of the university leading the program
  • All applications must be submitted in English
  • Duplicate applications for the same event will NOT be accepted. Only ONE application per event
  • By accepting grant funds, the chapters agree to write an article on their event for the ACS Reactions Blog
  • Grant funds will be sent to the faculty advisor of the chapter leading the event and will only be sent to their campus mailbox
  • Attached documents such as budgets, event details, letters of support, etc. must include their university name, filename, and application year in the filename. For example, ACS University_ICRG Budget_2015-2016
  • Incomplete applications will not be accepted

Program and Chapter Information

To qualify for funding, the Student Chapter leading the program must have an ACTIVE status with ACS. What is you chapter's status? To be active you must have: 1. Submitted a chapter report within the last 3 years 2. Have a faculty advisor 3. Have at least 6 paid members *
Complete the contact information below using the name of the chapter president leading the program:
Compete the following with the campus contact information of the faculty advisor of the chapter leading the program:

Program Information

What are the names of the universities partnering with your chapter? (Please do NOT include the lead chapter's information)
 University NamePresident(s) NamePresident(s) EmailFaculty Advisor NameFaculty Advisor Email
University 1
University 2
University 3
University 4
University 5
University 6
University 7
University 8
University 9
University 10

Please upload your proposed event plan below. Be sure to identify:

  • Event activities
  • Event type (ChemDemo, Poster Session, etc.)
  • Where you intend to complete the activity
  • Explain how the community, local section, and each university will be involved
  • How you plan to address safety
  • Marketing strategies
  • Travel arrangements
  • Assessment plans

Budget Details

Does your chapter have support from the Local Section? *