2016 Chem Demo Exchange Registration Form
Due by Wednesday, February 17, 2016!
(First come First serve - ONLY accepting 35 student chapters)

Chapter information:

Student information:


Will you need any of the following (please check all that apply):
The Society Committee on Education (SOCED) Undergraduate Programs Advisory Board has established a set of guidelines to ensure a safe event.  Only activities meeting the following criteria will be allowed.

•  Only HOUSEHOLD CHEMICALS may be used

•  No toxic materials, including household products, may be used

•  No open flames may be used

•  No toxic fumes or gases may be generated

•  No liquid nitrogen or dry ice may be used

•  No tasting or encouraging others to taste items

•  No demonstrations or activities that put the human body in danger

•  Safety goggles must be worn by each participant and viewer

•  Gloves must be worn by both participants and volunteers from the audience for all tactile demonstrations

•  Electrical apparatus (such as heat plates and stir plates) must be in good working order

Faculty advisors are asked to ensure that all demonstrations follow these guidelines.
Does your demonstration meet these criteria? *
Note: Please have handouts that describe your procedures and activities available for attendees.

***ACS student chapters that do not follow the safety guidelines will not be permitted to conduct their demonstration or activities. GOGGLES MUST BE PROVIDED FOR YOUR CHAPTER AND VIEWERS (bring at least 12 extra pairs of safety glasses). Chapters are required to provide all materials needed to conduct their demos.

To reserve your station, please submit this completed registration form with your activity(ies) by Wednesday, February 17, 2016!

If you have any questions please call: 1-800-227-5558 X4480 or 202-872-4480 or e-mail undergrad@acs.org.