Hello Future Adoptee,

We hope you have a fantastic time in Aspen. To make your stay even more memorable, Adopt A Tourist is here to pair you with a local.

Our goal: You will leave Aspen with more than a photo. You'll leave with a friend. Well, not WITH the friend, but you'll leave with things like their email address, good stories and hopefully a plan to visit again soon. Plus, you'll learn to play, eat, drink and explore like a local.

Just fill out the fields below so we can best "pair" you. Don't forget, in order to complete your adoption, you must sign and return an Adopt A Tourist waiver.
If it's just you, are you:
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* Who would you like to adopt you?
Transportation while in Aspen:
* Planned activities while in Aspen (winter):
* Planned activities in Aspen (summer):
Day/Night Habits. What are you?
* What are your hobbies and interests?
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