Request Guidelines
Information regarding SHRM state conferences will be posted to the SHRM website providing each of the following three requirements are met.
1.)  The state conference must demonstrate use of the SHRM "AFFILIATE OF" logo on its website and/or promotional materials. (Click here to view/access the approved graphics.)
2.)  Only one contact person may be listed per conference.
3.)  All requests to post state conference information must be made utilizing this interactive online request form.
All requests are subject to approval by SHRM.  Once approved, state conference information will be posted to the SHRM website at no cost to the state council.  Please allow 3-5 business days to process your request.
State Conference General Information
SHRM reserves the right to refuse or limit any posting request at any time and without prior notice or explanation.  SHRM further reserves the right to limit, edit or otherwise alter any information that is being provided in connection with any request.