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 2016 Incentive Grant Application

Incentive Grant Program
The APhA Foundation will award grants for projects to be completed in six months to one year.  The Incentive Grants program is part of the APhA Foundation Knowlton Center for Pharmacist-Based Health Solutions. The grants provide seed money to help pharmacists in all community/ambulatory practice settings explore new methods and services that enhance their role as healthcare providers. Grant recipients are encouraged to share their experiences with pharmacists and other providers. You may only apply for funding in one of the available funding categories per grant year (i.e. Immunization Practices, Community Pharmacy Residents and Preceptors)


The APhA Foundation Incentive Grants provide seed money to empower pharmacists to re-engineer their practices by integrating patient-centered services and programs that enhance health care delivery into ambulatory pharmacy care settings.

Aligned with the Foundation’s focus on designing and evaluating new practice models for pharmacy, the core requirement of the Incentive Grants program is a focus on innovation. The Foundation has funded projects in past years that address a variety of meaningful patient care services and will continue to accept proposals for any type of ambulatory pharmacy-based innovation. For the 2016 cycle, the APhA Foundation will provide special consideration to projects that address one of the following focus areas:

  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Diabetes Care
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Transitions of Care
  • Medication Adherence (e.g. Appointment Based Model)
  • Specialty Medications

Grant Requirements

  • Applicants must be active members of APhA, currently licensed and actively engaged in ambulatory pharmacy practice.
  • Applicants for the Community Pharmacy Residents and their Preceptors grant must be residents in a Community Pharmacy practice setting.
  • For the APhA-ASP Immunization Awards, only current APhA-ASP chapters in good standing are eligible to apply.
  • All recipients are responsible for submitting a brief interim report, a final project report, a final expense report, and a short video summary of the project to the APhA Foundation.

Use of Grant Funds

Full payments will be made upon receipt of the completed Grant Acceptance/Agreement forms. Grant funds may be used only for direct costs associated with the development and implementation of the project described in the application. Expenditures for indirect costs (overhead) will not be funded.  Salaries for recipients will not be allowed; however, consultant fees, fees for research/technician services and expenses for administrative services may be allowed if submitted in the proposed budget to the APhA Foundation.      
Final expense reports must be submitted once the project has ended. Reports shall include funding descriptions, vendors, dates of issue and any other relevant information.

Application Procedure

The application process requires a completed application form and project proposal. Please complete the online application on the next page and submit a copy of your proposal as a PDF or word document. All application materials must be submitted by 11:59 PM PT on September 21, 2015. Project proposals should not exceed seven typewritten pages (any submission greater than 7 pages will be truncated) and should contain the following: 
  • Title and general project description;
  • Objectives and evaluation strategy to determine if objectives are met;
  • Project methods;
  • Timetable for implementation and completion of project; and,
  • Budget discussion that includes total costs and justification of adequate resources to conduct the project.

Review Procedures

Upon receipt, APhA Foundation staff will review submitted applications for completeness. Eligible applications will be reviewed and ranked by a grant selection committee established for this program.
Review criteria:
  • Significance of the project to ambulatory pharmacy
  • Clarity of project objectives
  • Project design
  • Adequacy of the resources available to complete the project
  • Evaluation strategy to determine value of the project
  • Reasonableness of the budget
  • Probability of completing the project

Incentive Grant Timeline

Practitioner & Resident Grants APhA-ASP Immunization Grants
September 21 Applications Due September 21 Applications Due
November Recipient Notification November Recipient Notification
January Program Commencement January Program Commencement
March 30 Resident Interim Report Due June 30 Interim Report Due
June 30 Non-Resident Interim Report Due December 15 Final Report Due
June 30 Resident Final Reports Due    
December 15 Non-Resident Final Reports Due    

Please contact Brian Donahue, Executive Resident, at bdonahue@aphanet.org or (202) 429-7503 with any questions

Grant Selection

Please indicate which of the following incentive grants you are applying for: *

Personal Profile

Project Profile

Practice Profile

Type of Practice Setting *


In the project proposal, please address the points listed below about your proposed innovative patient care service, limiting your response to a maximum of seven pages. Please title the document in the following format: “Primary Investigators Last Name and First Initial_Proposal” (Ex: DonahueB_Proposal)   
  • Title and project description
  • Project objectives 
  • Methods
  • Timetable
  • Evaluation strategy
  • Budget

Please submit in .doc, .docx, or .pdf format only

Submission Verification *