Dog Adoption Questionnaire

To adopt a dog from AAA.....

1.) MUST LIVE IN THE LOS ANGELES AREA: Unless otherwise discussed in advance, we will only consider Los Angeles area adoptions.  If you do not live in the LA area please check with us before filling out this form.

2.) ADOPTION DONATION & CONTRACT: If we approve you for adoption of a dog or puppy we ask for a minimum donation of $250 and a we require a signed adoption agreement. 

3.) MUST BE 21: Applicant  must be at least 21 years old and/or head of household.
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* Are any members of your household allergic to dogs? (if Yes, please explain)
* Why do you want to adopt a dog? (check all that apply)
* Will you allow a member of AAA to come to your home for a "home check"? (If no, please explain)
* What kind of home do you live in?
* Do you own or rent? (If you rent please provide landlords name and phone number)
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* Do you have a dog door? (If yes, please specify when the dog would have access to the dog door- 24/7, day only, night only, only when home alone, etc.)
* Do you have a pool? (if yes, specify if the pool area is enclosed from the rest of the yard.)
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* How will your dog be cared for when you go out of town?
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* Under what circumstances would you consider giving up your dog? (check all that apply)
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* Are your current pets up to date on vaccines? (If no, please explain)
* Have your previous and/or current pets been obedience trained? (If yes, where/with who)
* Have you ever surrendered a pet to an animal shelter? (If yes, please explain)
* Have you ever euthanized a pet for reasons other than medical necessity? (If yes, please explain)
* Have you ever allowed a pet to get pregnant or impregnate another dog? (If yes, please explain)
* Are you willing and able to exercise your dog on a daily basis? (If no, please explain)
* Are you willing to enroll your dog in obedience class/training if necessary? (If no, please explain)
* Is there a limit on the amount you are willing to spend on your dog's veterinary care on a monthly, yearly or per-incident basis? (If yes, please explain)
* Would you consider euthanizing your pet if he/she required a surgery/treatment that is beyond what you are able/willing to spend? (If yes, please explain)
* Would you obtain medical insurance for your pet? (If no, please explain)
* Are you prepared to take responsibility for this dog for the rest of his/her life, knowing that dogs have a life expectancy of at least 10-15 years? (If no, please explain)
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* Indicates Response Required
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