SHRM Foundation Academic Scholarship Application for GRADUATE Students
Thank you for your interest in a SHRM Foundation scholarship. You must be a current SHRM member--either student or professional--with an active SHRM ID, and attending a degree-seeking graduate program to be eligible for this award.  By completing and submitting this form to apply for a SHRM Foundation scholarship, you are consenting--if selected for an award--to allow the SHRM Foundation (and the scholarship’s sponsor, if any) to use without limitation, and in any media, your name, city, state, photos and captions (if uploaded), and verbiage for marketing and promotional purposes.   To apply, please complete the following application. It is divided into six short sections. To save your application and finish it later, please create an account login below. Keep in mind that you must return and submit your completed application by October 10, or you will not be considered for an award.  Note: all information must be included in ONE completed application. Multiple entries will not be combined- only one completed entry from each applicant will be considered for an award. Any incomplete applications will be deleted after the deadline. Required questions are noted with an asterisk. While not all fields are required, providing more information is generally beneficial to you as it will give the judges a more complete picture of your background and qualifications for the award.  
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1. Student Information

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Please upload a current resume summarizing your education, work and volunteer experience. File name should contain your full name, with last name first- for example: "Sanchez, Mary- Resume". (After browsing for the file, be sure to hit the UPLOAD button to attach the document to this application.)

2. Graduate Program Information

Type of Degree Program You're Enrolled In: *
How many years have you been out of high school? *
 10 years or fewer (graduated 2007 or later)
 More than 10 years (graduated before 2007)
Specific Degree Being Sought: (MBA, Master's in HR, Ph.D. in Org Behavior, etc.) *
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Describe one of your favorite college classes or areas of study. Why does it appeal to you?

3. Undergraduate Program Information

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4. SHRM Involvement

How many years total have you actively participated in a SHRM chapter (include both student and professional experience)? *
Are you currently a member of a SHRM Chapter?
How involved are you with your SHRM chapter? 
Please tell us which SHRM officer positions you have held: (check all that apply.)
 Vice President- Programs
 Vice President
 Merit Award Director/VP/Chair
 Membership Director/VP/Chair
 Other- Please Specify:

5. Your Experience

Responses in this section are limited to a maximum of 250 words. (There is no minimum length.) We encourage you to draft your responses in Word and then cut and paste the text into this document. You may use each question to highlight a different part of your background and experience. It is okay to skip one or more questions if you do not have relevant information to share.
Please describe a volunteer experience you've had (either SHRM or non-SHRM) where you feel you made a significant impact. Include the organization and/or people you worked with, your specific role, and any results you achieved.
Tell us about your career plans. How did you get interested in HR? What are your future career goals? What would you like to accomplish in your HR career?
Please describe any obstacles or hardships you have overcome as you've pursued your career and educational goals. What did you learn from the experience? Also explain your financial need for this scholarship.
Is there anything else you would like the judges to know when evaluating your application?

6. Letters of Reference

Please attach one letter of reference.  Letters should be in Word or pdf, preferably on letterhead, and should not exceed 2 pages in length. File name should contain your full name, with last name first- for example: "Powers, Jim- Reference". (After browsing for the file, be sure to hit the UPLOAD button to attach the document to this application.)
You may attach an optional second reference letter, following the same criteria as above.
I certify that the information provided in this application is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge and the responses provided are my original work. I agree to supply proof of any and all information in this application if requested. I understand that falsification of information may result in termination of any scholarship awarded including an obligation to repay all funds disbursed.  *
 I Agree

Before hitting submit, please review your application to be sure it is complete. Applications must be submitted by midnight, October 10 to be considered for an award. Good luck in the competition!