Applicant for whom you are submitting a reference

Referee's Information

Requirements for Letters of Reference

Note: When applicants complete their applications, automatic requests for letters of reference are sent to their referees. If you have already submitted your letter of reference, you may ignore this request. Applicants will also be notified when your letter of reference has been submitted to the NDIAS. Letters of reference are considered confidential and will not be shared with applicants.

(1) Referees should provide an understanding of the applicant’s ability to contribute intellectually and collegially to a cooperative community of scholars at the Institute as well as insight on the intellectual quality of the applicant’s research capabilities. Form letter or letters drafted for other purposes (for example, letters drafted for job applications) are not necessarily supportive of an applicant's qualifications for NDIAS Fellowships.

(2) Reference letters should be formatted in Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat (pdf).

(3) Reference letters should be written in English. If this is impossible, we reserve the right to request a translation.

(4) Referees must include their own name, title, and institutional affiliation in their letters.

(5) Letters of reference should be addressed to “Dr. Brad S. Gregory, Director of the Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study.”

(6) Referees must submit their reference letters online.

(7) Reference letters must be received at the NDIAS by 11:59 p.m. (EDT) on Monday, October 16, 2017. Consideration of letters received after that date cannot be guaranteed.

N.B.: Referees will be notified by email once their letters of reference have been submitted successfully.