2015 Rosemary McKenzie Legacy Award

Rosemary McKenzie’s passion for rural health and dedication to multicultural and multiracial populations were unparalleled. Rosemary served as the National Rural Health Association’s minority liaison and program services manager in the Kansas City, Mo., office for 27 years. She died in 2011 due to complications from pancreatic cancer.

To carry on Rosemary McKenzie’s legacy and honor her memory, the National Rural Health Association has established the Rosemary McKenzie Legacy Award to be presented annually during the Rural Multiracial and Multicultural Health Conference, a conference she predominantly and passionately coordinated.

NRHA is looking for individuals who have mobilized their communities and have dedicated their lives to improving the health of multiracial and multicultural populations in the same spirit as Rosemary. The criteria for nominees include the following:

  • Demonstrated track record for securing funds to improve rural health access for multiracial and multicultural populations;
  • Demonstrated track record for mobilizing partnerships to improve rural health access for multiracial and multicultural populations; and
  • Demonstrated passion for working to improve rural health access for multiracial and multicultural populations.

Rosemary’s lifelong passion for improving multicultural and multiracial health has inspired many to become more involved in their communities to increase awareness of multiracial and multicultural health issues. This award will be given to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution of major significance in improving multicultural and multiracial health. 

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Every submission must include a narrative, 200-500 words in length, about why the person or group being nominated should be considered for the selected award. This narrative is the primary instrument on which the nomination will be judged, and should be based on the criteria listed within each award category. Please include the significance of the work of the nominee to the community, populations or individuals served, and explain how rural people have benefited.
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While the narrative is the primary instrument on which award selections are based, additional letters of support are welcome as supplementary documentation if the candidate is selected. If you would like to submit letters of support, please include up to 3 attachments below. If you have any questions, please contact Gaby Boscan at 202-639-0550 or via email at gboscan@NRHArural.org