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Prospective Fellow Nominee Information

By checking the box below, I agree that if selected to be an AACP Academic Research Fellow, I will attend all sessions and participate in all required activities and assignments that relate to the program. I also understand that absence from program elements and/or failure to complete required assignments or activities may result in dismissal from the ARFP and loss of tuition. *

Dean Nominator Information

Proposed Project Mentor Information

Application Checklist and Upload Area

ARFP Information and Program Requirements are available on the AACP Website.
All application materials are to be compiled in the following order and combined into a single Adobe PDF file for uploading.
Application Checklist:
1. Nominating Dean's Letter of Support with his/her signature
2. Prospective Fellow's Letter of Intent with his/her signature and the initials of the Nominating Dean
3. Prospective Fellow's Curriculum Vitae
Deadline for applications: March 15, 2016, 11:59 p.m. EDT


Contact Information

If you have questions regarding the Academic Research Fellows Program, please contact:
Joan M. Lakoski
Vice President of Research and Graduate Education
Chief Science Officer
American Assocation of Colleges of Pharmacy
Phone: 703-739-2330 extension 1040
Kirsten F. Block
Associate Director of Research and Graduate Programs
American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy
Phone: 703-739-2330 extension 1042
Email: ARFP@aacp.org