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2017 Express Scripts Scholars Program Application Form

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To be eligible, students must be enrolled in a dual degree program related to pharmacy (PharmD plus a Bachelor's degree is not eligible) and applicants must be enrolled in a professional pharmacy degree program or graduate program at an Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) accredited college or school of pharmacy with at least precandidate ACPE status.

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Documents for uploading are to be within the parameters and based on specifications listed in the Application Instructions and Materials. Papers submitted outside these parameters will not be reviewed, so please reference these materials before submitting. Application Instructions and Materials can be found on the AACP Website.

Please note the following:

Dual Degree/GPA Verification: A letter from the Dean’s or Admission’s Office verifying your enrollment in a dual degree program and that you are in good academic standing. Examples of letters are shown in the application instructions found on the AACP Website.

Student’s Statement of Career Goals: Describe the reasons for wanting to participate in this Program, your career goals and other academic and personal attributes you may wish evaluators to consider. Please use Arial font size 11, and double space; 2 page maximum length. Papers submitted outside these parameters will not be reviewed. An examples of formatting is shown in the application instructions found on the AACP Website.

Student’s Resume or CV: Please provide a current copy of your resume or CV.

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